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Simple, efficient and devastating. It's they only faction to only feature heavy and colossal warjacks. They have normal troops too.

Theme Forces aren't compulsory, but the benefits of playing in-theme are so great that most players never play out-of-theme. Warjacks Khador has many excellent warjacks new players can pick from beyond the recommendations made below. Following the iron rebellion that overthrew the Orgoth occupation of the Khardic Empire Khador was formed as a nation. Khadoran warjacks aren't the most nuanced in Immoren but it's typically best to first buy warjacks that you're almost guaranteed to continue using no matter what play style you prefer. Khador is also home to the infamous Karchev the Terrible who is half warcaster, half warjack.

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When you first start playing you should ignore theme forces, and just buy and play a few models you like the look of. Khador has a unit for every occasion and frequently a unit-specific solo or two to back them up.

Lord Kozlov, Viscount of Scarsgrad. It is augmented by a number of irregular warriors to create a very mobile skirmishing force backed up by heavy-hitting warjacks.

Khador is one of the main factions of Warmachine. All non-character mercenary warjacks Up to two non-character Cygnar or Khador warjacks one of each is legal. Most recently, law dictionary english to gujarati pdf Khador has conquered over half of Llael and attacked Cygnar directly. Khadoran infantry have some of the best unbuffed stats.


You have all the materials you need to get started contained within the box, and Lord Kozlov has a fine battlegroup in the Decimator and Juggernaut heavy warjacks. Ice and wind magic are part of the faction identity, and Khador is generally better at melee combat than at range or magical combat. Khador has a number of great solos and unit attachments that are not only capable in their own right, but synergies well with the main combat units to make them even better. Vladimir Tzepesci, the Dark Prince. Warriors Khador loves infantry.

They do not use light warjacks at all, viewing them as puny. They love infantry so much that they use Man-o-War super-heavy infantry instead of light warjacks. Vladimir Tzepesci, Great Prince of Umbrey. Khador can be built for speed, resilience, high damage shooting output or heavy magic.

Kommander Harkevich, the Iron Wolf. In the backstory Khador lacks resources to produce many cortexes warjack brains so the ones they do have they install in the heaviest chassis possible.

Kommandant Sorscha Kratikoff. Forward Kommander Sorscha. Warjacks Khador is home to some of the biggest, stompiest warjacks in the game.

The motherlands warjacks also exemplify the Khadoran virtues of pragmatism and preserverance. Namespaces Page Discussion.

The Armored Corps or Korps is all about Man-o-War troops in heavy steam-powered armor lumbering across the field, crushing their targets after closing the distance. By restricting yourself to a narrower range of models, you unlock additional in-game benefits which vary from theme to theme. Koldun Kommander Aleksandra Zerkova. Khador is an aggressive, expansionist nation, constantly threatening its neighbors and seeking to reclaim ancient lands it sees as rightfully Khadoran. This theme is shared with the Protectorate - it allows you to mix both Khador models with Protectorate ones.

Although it doesn't allow you to take a Cygnar or Mercenary warcaster, your warcaster will get access to their warjacks. This box unleashes the whole rulebook upon you - from units to power attacks and solos. Kommander Zoktavir, the Butcher Unleashed. If you prefer a medieval-style army you need look no further than the Legion of Steel. Khador does not use puny light warjacks.

Cylena Raefyll, Guardian of Nyssor Not tournament legal. Greylords aren't known for their strong moral compass. Evergreen Mercenary Models Khador has a lot of spells and abilities that only work on non-Mercenary models. You may not be able to find this any more, as it has gone out of production.

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Their most successful experiment to date is chaining convicted felons to cursed swords that drive the weilders insane, and then escorting the frothing result into battle. Orsus Zoktavir, the Butcher of Khardov.

Just as Cygnar has spells that improve its low armor scores, Khador warcasters bring speed to their plodding armies making them deceptively quick. Anyone looking for the most affordable and effective way to get into Khador should strongly consider buying the Battlegroup Starter Box and going from there.

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Theme Force Starter - Armored Corps. Lastly, they keep using their older warjacks long past their use-by date, to the point they're unstable and may literally explode mid-battle. Vladimir Tzepesci, the Dark Champion. On the table, Khador features heavily armored, plodding warjacks and elite armored warriors backed up by hordes of expendable troops, powerful wizards and stealthy assassins. For most players, it makes sense to start with the Battlegroup Starter and build from there.

Man-o-War have access to a suite of combined arms weaponry, advanced tactics and devastating heavy cavalry but are short on skirmisher unless reinforced by Mercenaries. So proceed Kadet, read on, study hard and battle well. Evergreen Faction Models Due to the prevalence of Theme Forces see below there are very few Khador models that are useful to new players in general. You can even take a Protectorate warcaster if you're a Khador player, and vice versa. Jaws of the Wolf is Khador's warjack-centric theme if you like large groups of warjacks, this is where you want to be.