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There are some parallels between the traditional stories of Krishna and Christ not to mention the similar names. In the late nineteenth century a Russian, Nicolas Notovitch, published a travelogue of a trip through India, into Kashmir, eventually reaching Ladakh in Tibet. Landsberg, Download links are below the donate buttons. The simplest inference is that he was working as a carpenter with his father and that nothing remarkable happened to him during this period. Swami Abhedananda's Journey into Kashmir and Tibet.

Other authors have taken these themes and incorporated it into their own works. Notovitch had never been there. The controversial Ahmadiyya Muslims believe that Jesus survived the crucifixion, and then fled to India, where he died of old age. Behind us spread, like a beautiful panorama, the region we had just traversed, which seemed to sink farther and farther away from us. There is a huge gap in the biography from puberty until about three years before the crucifixion.

By Nicolas Notovitch

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Notovitch also wrote some political books on the role of Russia in war. After his return to Bengal, the Swami asked his assistant Bhairab Chaitanya to prepare a manuscript of the travelogue based on the notes he had taken.

That we might not lose each other, we had to continue exchanging calls from time to time. The Hindus, no doubt, did not expect to sec a traveller arrive at so late an hour of the night and in this season, for they had taken away the keys of the bengalow, so we had to force an entrance. At this point, the book takes a sensational turn. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Lao Tzu. Jesus stirs up a caste war against the Brahmins and has to leave India.

Here, too, you see the beautiful people of Kachmyr, dressed in their long white shirts and snowy turbans. His followers are persecuted, but his disciples carry his message to the world. Notovitch's claim was based on a document he said he had seen at the Hemis Monastery while he stayed there. But how deceitful are lights in the mountains!

Possibly the monks were just catering to what the visitor wanted to hear, a known problem for field ethnologists. Archibald Douglas took it upon himself to make the journey to the Hemis monistry to conduct a personal interview with the same head monk.

One of the mysteries of the Bible has always been where Jesus was during his twenties. This stage of our journey had nothing playful in it. The Jewish leaders, however, are also apprehensive about his teachings yet he continues his work for three years.

Notovitch responded publicly by announcing his existence, along with the names of people he met on his travels in Kashmir and Ladakh. He is finally arrested and put to death for blasphemy. One rumor that has circulated for years has been that Jesus went to India during this time.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Paramahansa Yogananda wrote that Nicholas Roerich also corroborated Novotovich's and Abhedananda's story during his visit to Tibet in the mids. Most of it is based in Hong Kong and Tibet. Dictionnaire national des contemporains Vol. The entire story was invented by Notovitch, who earned a good deal of money and a substantial amount of notoriety for his hoax.

The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ by Nicolas Notovitch - Free Ebook

By Nicolas Notovitch

Other travelers to Tibet, such as Swami Abhedenada, Nicholas Roerich, and others claimed that they have been told similar stories by monks. How Reliable is the Gospel Tradition? There were well-established trade routes, so it would not be impossible. The ascent became more and more steep.

The Life of Issa begins with an account of Israel in Egypt, its deliverance by Moses, its neglect of religion, and its conquest by the Romans. This tells of Jesus trekking to India to study the Vedas and Buddhism. Jesus is called Issa in this account, turbiny parowe pdf but this is an Islamic name for him which was not used until much later. Buddhism and Christianity have more in common than their adherents are usually willing to admit.

Nicolas Notovitch

Although Notovitch had been discredited in Europe, Swami Abhedananda visited the Hemis monastery in to verify the reports of Notovich that he had heard the previous year in the U. This book is the source of that rumor. The Bible King James Version. The seat is so small that it will hold, at most, only two persons. Gerald O'Collins classified Kersten's work as the repackaging of the same stories.

However, there are many points of similarity between the first millennium religious movements of the Near East and India which remain to be explored. While Notovitch is convalescing from a broken leg, an ancient manuscript read to him about Issa. Soon we arrived at the end of the valley of Pendjab, and climbing up a way with infinite windings, entered the passes of the Himalayas. Notovitch's book generated controversy as soon as it was published. The lamas at the monastery confirmed to him that Notovich was brought to the monastery with a broken leg and he was nursed there for a month and a half.

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The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ. The somewhat detached verses of the Tibetan version of the Life of Issa were said to have been translated from Pali.

Here are sold comestibles and all kinds of merchandise. This vehicle is so constructed that in order to keep one's seat in it, one must cross his legs in the Turkish fashion.

According to Notovitch, the chief lama at Hemis told him of the existence of the work, which was read to him through an interpreter. Of course, this caused quite a stir.