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They're different colors Honey, you look awful What happened last night? Your eyes are amazing, you know that?

You gotta stay beautiful, right? Well, I was around the corner, and I brought you a present Wow. Let's go Con, remember when we were gonna buy Omnidel you said no?

It's been a while Well, too long. You didn't think I'd know? Yeah Ok I have to warn you, I tend to lead Of course. Yes, he did Can we call the cops, Dad?

No, not yet Has something happened to him? He's not accountable What's accountable? Too late Lift the seat, honey Don't forget to put it down!

Well, a couple of reasons. Lot of buying and selling Didn't know it did that Where did you get this? You forgot my lunch I did not It's by the door.

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You should start your homework. He was French Close your eyes What? Did you hang out down there?

And pee I should've bought it. Oh, all right, but hold the other calls You're busy. Charlie, did you brush your teeth? We're doing blood and stuff Ok, now look like it really hurts - Ready?

Unfaithful (2002) Full Script

Unfaithful Script

Did she try to hit on you for some money? Dream loud You were spectacular. People do it all the time What do we tell Charlie? She's really nice Of course she is. That'll make you happy Fuck you!

Latrell Sprewell jersey, Mom. Hang on I think this is a mistake There's no such thing as a mistake There's what you do and what you don't do I can't do this I forgot my coat I can't. Sure Would you like a drink? Of course Nice music What is it?

You should never shut them. Get listed in the most prominent screenplays collection on the web! Ne marche pas jamais cet ascenseur! African, I think I like it Here Let's go to bed. Can't believe you taught him that.

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The cops came to our house today Cops? He did it on his own Charlie, did you brush your teeth? Could you help me get a taxi? No, it's not good enough I'm sitting here with trucks that I can't use All right. Fiji Oh, remember, Jeff, I asked you to take me to Fiji?

All right, now rinse Really rinse. Martel, let us know Certainly Dad!

Don't forget to put it down! Thank you But I can't stay very long. No No, I can't Paul, it's over I can't! At home, I would imagine Do you know where he lives? At those prices, Tahiti Bangkok Connie, where's this one from?

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Help us build the largest writers community and scripts collection on the web! What are you talking about? You are American You've done this before Uh, what? Honey, batch convert odt to pdf sit up straight Who was it? You're driving him bonkers.

It's fine Did he dent you, Dad? It was a twister Dad, look! Why don't you take a look at your own fucking family, Ed? Otherwise, they're in his apartment Pick up! She never complained Do you stay in all the time, or do you go out, too?

This is about loyalty, Bill I'm letting you go You'll have my recommendation, if you need it I have a family, Ed You had a family here Wait. You must have been so worried, huh? Take the fourth one from the left Got it? Pardon the mess You a writer? Hi, it's me Good, good How's Charlie?

Hold on just a second Yeah? You shot down there like a bullet! Shit So buy some Too late, Con. You can send him a bottle a wine Cheap wine Con, stand there a second. Look at you God, what a beauty Something the matter?

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Tag Unfaithful script

Shit It's boiling, Mom It's boiling! What's the sense in walking if you don't walk tall?

You stay out here Play with Poppy. Bad day for taxis It's this horrible wind Yeah. Can you believe that mommy missed her train?