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Michael E Porter of Harvard University has developed a framework to analyze the level of competition within an industry and ascertain the attractiveness of an industry. The adaptive ability of a motorised two-wheeler can be characterised by its usage. The demand for two wheelers is highly dependent on the economic stability and the average income levels of the country. Dear Dipankar, We appreciate your encouragement. The production was controlled by the government with licensing, to meter the number of units being produced in the plants.

Bajaj auto is only present in the motorcycle segment. Thank you for your feedback.

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And in an effort to further boost its presence in the growing cc motorcycle segment, it recently rolled out the stylish X-Blade, which borrows the engine from other cc siblings. Companies in this spot are in a very good position as they do not have to invest their funds in working capital. It has seen tremendous growth in about half a century, in comparison to other countries where two-wheelers are a major component of transportation.

Your e-mail address will not be published. Period of Entry The decade leading upto the end of the millennium, i. However, Fintapp does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information. Two-wheelers are one of the most versatile forms of transportation.

This also led to reduction in the sales for each individual brand. Clearly scooters are taking away market share from motorcycles. The major contributors to the demand of two wheelers are the countries in Asia-Pacific region which will continue to dominate the worldwide demand in future. There was an increase in the number of brands and thus the models and higher competition. All companies have a negative cash conversion cycle.

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Movers and shakers in the Indian two-wheeler industry. This was due to better fuel efficiency of two-wheelers over cars or jeeps. Can you please help with a similar insight into the Indian two wheeler finance industry.

The Indian automobile industry can be classified as below. Cash conversion cycle measures how fast a company can convert cash on hand into inventory and account payable, through sales and account receivable and then back into cash. Period of Entry As an overview, the increase in sales volume of this industry is proof of its high growth.

In due course of time, how to convert pdf password protected file to word online we would be covering your request in our financial industry research report. The Indian automobile industry is one of the largest in the world. Hero recently laid the foundation stone of its eighth manufacturing site at Chittoor Andhra Pradesh.

While the total pie has grown, Honda is capturing a larger piece of that pie. One major occurrence of this decade was that several existing but weaker players died out giving way to new entrants and superior products. The other best selling models from the stable of Honda are Dio and Aviator with sales of and respectively. Benefits of Joining Riding Group. Bajaj Auto though is the No.

Thank you for reading blog! The Indian two-wheeler industry since its beginning, has evolved many folds in technology and, in the numbers being manufactured and produced. The onus is now on us to sustain the momentum generated by this growth and continue to scale higher peaks. Our overall global sales growth has given further impetus to our global expansion plans. Cash conversion cycle is a measure of how efficiently the company manages its working capital.

We appreciate your encouragement. The industry was deregulated, with several reforms to make Indian exports competitive.

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Indian Two Wheeler Industry Analysis Autobei Consulting Group

Remember me Lost your password? The region is the home to the top six markets in the world. As an overview, the increase in sales volume of this industry is proof of its high growth. The three segments of motorised two-wheelers are Motorcycles, Scooters and Mopeds. Surpassing the million mark also means that the Indian two-wheeler industry is poised to post double-digit growth after six years.

Indian Two Wheeler Industry Analysis Autobei Consulting Group

Please enter your name here. Quickly transport small packages of goods through the cramped bazaar streets. In India, one can witness commuters across all age groups using motorised two-wheelers. The source is mentioned in the bottom of blog.

It has more than doubled its market share. Mainly the players, competitive strengths, comparison regarding the leadership and market share holder. The information is not intended to be used as the primary base for investment decisions. It was quite crisp and informative.

Indian Two Wheeler Industry Analysis 2018

The rising fuel prices can also be a growth driver for two-wheelers due to their higher fuel efficiency. The rough terrains and harsh conditions with narrow passage-ways needed strong motorcycles for the Western and Northernmost regions of India. The presence of so many players can be attributed to India being one of the fastest growing economies, favorable demographics and rising income levels. The journey of the Indian Two-wheeler industry can be described briefly based on the advancements in these segments. Industry Reports Investing Morals Videos.

Thank for the brilliant article. The decade leading upto the end of the millennium, i. The sheer pleasure of riding a motorbike with the wind blowing on your face, while on a pleasure ride is one of the most compelling reason to own a two-wheeler. India India has displaced China to get to the top spot. Clearly scooters are taking away the market share from motorcycles.