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How did the managers change? David McClelland and his colleague David Burnham knew better.

They found that managers fall into three motivational groups. Subordinates feel that they have more responsibility. Each participant analyzed his or her job, explaining what he or she thought it required. Motivation means having the passion and the will to undertake some action. We will discuss here just what these qualities are and how they interrelate.

Human beings respond well to positive motivation. Charlie was as low in power motivation as Ken Briggs, his need to achieve was about average, and his affiliation motivation was above average. In general, motivation refers to the start, the direction, the intensity and the persistence of behavior. And he is keenly interested in giving them just rewards for their efforts. After all, management is an influence game.

The Power Factor

Motivation occurs on a spectrum ranging from negative to positive. This sort of negative motivation does nothing to instill a love of swimming. Summarized in this way, what we have found out through empirical and statistical investigations may sound like good common sense. January Issue Explore the Archive. He became angry when the workshop trainer and other members in the group pointed out the limitations of this managerial style.

They care about institutional power and use it to stimulate their employees to be more productive. They are able to engender a greater sense of responsibility in their divisions and, above all, create a greater team spirit.

Power Is the Great Motivator

The Power of Positive Internal Motivation

Power Is the Great Motivator

He was high in the need for power, low in the need for affiliation, and high in inhibition. The true authoritarian in action would have the reverse effect, making people feel weak and powerless. On the contrary, bsh103 pdf it appears that power-motivated managers make their subordinates feel strong rather than weak.

Our data do not support their fears. The subordinates felt that they received more rewards, that the organizational procedures were clearer, and that morale was higher.

The Link Between Morale and Sales The higher the morale early in the year, the higher the sales by year end. Above all, managers should foster among subordinates a strong sense of team spirit, of pride in working as part of a team. When shown a film depicting three managerial climates, Charlie said he preferred what turned out to be the authoritarian climate.

Down underneath, I knew something must be wrong. Somehow their positive self-image is not at stake in their jobs. We then compared the results against national norms.

George had exactly the right combination of motives to be an institutional manager. He does not defensively chew them out when they challenge him but tries to figure out what their needs are so that he can influence them. One way to determine how effective managers are is to ask the people who work for them. If such a manager leaves, he or she can be more readily replaced by another because the employees have been encouraged to be loyal to the institution rather than to a particular person. We divided their answers into six management styles, or ways of dealing with work situations.

Measuring Managerial Effectiveness

Managers of corporations can select those who are likely to be good managers and train those already in managerial positions to be more effective with more confidence. It is easy to see how each of these four characteristics helps a person become a good manager, concerned about what the institution can achieve. Always the life of the party, he was particularly popular because he supplied other managers with special hard-to-get brands of cigars and wines at a discount. Taking his cue from some of the top executives in the corporation, he told people what they had to do, and he threatened them with dire consequences if they did not do it. And the same held true for other managers in nearly every part of the organization.

The Power of Positive Internal Motivation

Those in the first, affiliative managers, need to be liked more than they need to get things done. His own activity and lack of delegation consequently left his staff demoralized. Find help or get online counseling now. Whereas once they respected his confidence but feared him, they now trust him. Positive motivation is seen when people engage in an activity that has a virtuous end, such as volunteering, athletics, or art.

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He exercised his power in a controlled, organized way. They accumulate fewer personal possessions and seem older and wiser. This described how George himself was perceived by the company, and shortly after the workshop, he was promoted to vice president in charge of all sales. Do our findings suggest that the good manager is one who cares for power and is not at all concerned about the needs of other people? Most of it was due to me anyway and not to my sales-people.

Their scores were averaged and totaled to give an overall morale score for each office. But there must be other qualities besides the need for power that go into the makeup of a good manager. It is most frequently thought of in terms of salary i. They suspect that it will make them less hard driving, less expansion minded, and less committed to organizational effectiveness. The manager with a high need to be liked is precisely the one who wants to stay on good terms with everybody and, therefore, is the one most likely to make exceptions for particular needs.

The power of motivation pdfThe Power of Positive Internal Motivation