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Her best friend is starting to act different and her boyfriend wants to take the next step, which she is not ready to do. Courtney warned him about the dangers of the drug.

Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers is a novel based on a teenage girls life. Sticky Fingers was a pretty good read. When Jenna repeatedly denis Scotts request he decides to slip a drug into her drink during a party, hoping I read the book Sticky Fingers, guitar manuscript paper pdf By Niki Burnham.

While Jenna was in the hospital she realizes that Scott puts drugs in her drink and how much he's been pressing her to have sex she breaks up the relationship. This book is very true, because the lesson to learn was that just one bad choice can lead to many problems in your life.

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Subtly is almost never overrated. Her best friend is the only one with any spunk. That night, Jenna does something that she will never forget, and will haunt her for the rest of her life.

When Jenna repeatedly denis Scotts request he decides to slip a drug into her drink during a party, hoping it would calm her enough to accept his request. It wasn't until it happened, and I thought back over the events leading up to it, that I realized how well the author had set us up for this event to occur. It was almost like all of her extra hours going shopping for the newest trends just went down the drain.

She lied to Mat about it and she felt bad. If you don't want to know more about this book just by looking at the cover then I don't know what you are thinking! The fact that she's able to power through and continue speaks well of her character. Boy, did I never see that one coming. After Jenna learns she was accepted into Harvard for early admission and Scott didn't he tries to pressure Jenna into sex.

She only takes a couple sips and then decides that she didn't want anymore so she poured it out. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Jenna has a few problems with herself, but one major one is that she wants to be more laid back like Courtney, and have some fun.


This also produces tension. Good writing, but this is more of a teen read. This book was not at all what I was expecting, and that's a good thing. Something that I didn't like was that Scott turned out to be a total butt hole!

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Everything is going well as the description says until Courtney and Jenna go shopping for Christmas or something. Scott disappears for while and then comes back with Jenna's drink. She does spend a great deal of her time angsting over what her friends are up to, but this was a pretty realistic reaction to some of the things going on around her. Read the book on paper - it is quite a powerful experience. Her boyfriend, Scott, applied as well but was rejected.

They were both hard working students that seemed to really love each other and then he turned out to be a jerk. Suddenly she realizes straight As cant protect you in the real world. That's not at all possible if what she has worked for has started to change. While in a store Jenna sees Courtney sneakily push so nail polish in her bag.

In the beginning of the story I was really pulling of him and Jenna to work out. Besides Scott i have nothing else to complain about and it was a wonderful book. Some of us actually have self-esteem, believe it or not. They end up almost doing it but they don't.

Jenna, and Niki Burnham, really surprised me. When beginning this novel I was excited considering it was written by Niki Burnham. She goes to a party and I'm using the book's cover flap summary for a specific reason. Its influencing because I would never want to put myself or my body in danger by one decision i knew was wrong.

When Jenna ends up in the hospital she breaks up with her boyfriend and was recovering. For example, in the beginning of the book, it is said that Courtney's parents are going through a divorce which makes it hard for her. They were also fairly well-developed characters.

Change everything back to the way things were before. Between the love stories that were told in it and all the drama between friends it kept me really entertained. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Your email address will not be published.