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Control and power connections can still be live, even when the motor is not rotating. We offer training and familiarisation courses on request. The combined power of all the amplifiers is always available, as continuous or peak power. Check that all live connecting elements are protected from accidental contact. In multi-axis systems, setup each servo amplifier individually.

Please enter a valid email. Drives with a suspended load must have an additional safe mechanical blocking e. Only in this way is the monitoring of the servo amplifier assured. Incorrect handling of the servo amplifier can lead to personal injury or material damage. No fix no fee expand Our no fix no fee promise is exactly as it sounds.

This ensures that the connectors make good contact. Thank you for submitting your InstraView Request! The installation procedure is described as an example. For most applications these settings will already provide good to very good control loop characteristics.

Please contact us to complete your request. The technical conformance with the U. Motion Task Types common values s.

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Kollmorgen ServoStar manual. Kollmorgen Servostar Servo amplifiers.

The interface is selected and set up in the setup software. Once your form has been submitted you will receive an email confirmation with our repair request form attached which you will need to print out, fill in and send in with your repair. The analog setpoint inputs are out of action. Disconnect the servo amplifier from the supply.

The parameters for the slave amplifiers are set up with the aid of the setup software. But I still have some problems, I narrowed it down to these ones.

Check displayed parameters, and correct if necessary Supply voltage Rated motor voltage Motor pole-no. In most applications you will be able to use these default values to get your drive running without any problems.

Danaher Motion / Kollmorgen ServoStar 600 Series Digital Amplifiers

Caution Never disconnect the electrical connections to the servoamplifier while it is live. The procedure for setup is described as an example. You can print this documentation on any standard printer. Keep all covers and switchgear cabinet doors closed during operation.

Danaher Motion / Kollmorgen ServoStar 600 Series Digital Amplifiers

Feedbackcable is a prefab from Danaher Motion, also the motor cable. The other thing you seem to be doing is enabling the drive and trying to start a motion task at the same time. If it is not required to be a small value, make it bigger. We supply you with motor-specific default sets of data for the most common combinations of servo amplifier and motor.

My Library Bookmarks Private Groups. The motor is selected on type number in Drive so i think that every will be ok. The drive must be held by an electromagnetic holding device brake. Hardware enable is throug emergency stop. If you do not find the item that you are looking for, please call us!

Kollmorgen servostar manual pdf(PDF)

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Payment on completion expand You will not be asked to pay until your repair has been successfully completed and is ready to be returned to you. Why would you trust anyone else with your delicate servo equipment? In the normal situation, only the supply power is switched off in a safe manner. Properly qualified persons are those who are familiar with the transport, assembly, installation, setup and operation of the product, and who have the appropriate qualifications for their job.

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Kollmorgen servostar manual pdf(PDF)

Characteristic impedance W Cable capacitance max. Otherwise there are deadly hazards, with the possibility of severe danger to health or material damage. In the Drive software, this is on the position data screen and called In Position.

It is vital that you keep to the technical data and information on connection requirements on the nameplate and in the documentation. Kollmorgen Automation and Motion Control. Place the servo amplifier on a conductive surface. Are you turning this on and off along with the sofware enable or when power turns on? The coil connections and a make n.

It is especially important to check the following parameters. The motion task can also be continued by an appropriately configured digital input on the basic unit. All inputs and outputs are electrically isolated from the servo amplifier by optocoupler. Observe the requested free space. The parameters for the servo amplifier are set up with the aid of the setup software electrical gearing.

The regen circuit thresholds are adjusted to the supply voltage with the help of the setup software. In multi-axis systems there may be further hidden causes of a fault. An additional switch-off of the unused axes, by means of the restart lock, diversification of the nigerian economy pdf increases the safety margin and avoids the repeated switching of main contactors or motor contactors.

This energy is converted into heat in the regen resistor. In particular, do not let any components become bent or any insulation distances altered during transport and handling.

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Is the feedback cable routed away from the drives? There is a danger of electric arcing with damage to contacts and danger to persons. Setting up the graphics card font size Click on the desktop with the right mouse button. In unfavourable circumstances this could result in destruction of the electronics. The rise tbrH and fall tbrL times of the holding brake which is built into the motors are different for the various types of motor see motor manual.

Approvals and Certifications. Is the feedback type and scaling selected properly? Only you can decide if this is slow or not. Never disconnect any of the electrical connections to the servo amplifier while it is live.

Capacitors can still have residual charges with dangerous levels up to seconds after switching off the supply power. Our team of onsite engineers regularly travel to site to reinstall repaired parts and install new parts for customers. Secure the cores with a cable tie. It's a community-based project which helps to repair anything. We recommend a separation of at least mm.