Server Room Standards Pdf

Sub-panels must never be opened at the face plate by anyone other than qualified electricians. Large servers and equipment must be installed at the bottom of the rack.

Telecommunications Physical Infrastructure. Over sizing to account for humidification effects.

The disposition of the server after removal must be documented before the process starts. The asset database and all other records relating to this server must be updated to reflect the change. Servers must be installed from the bottom up in the rack enclosures. Units must be located in a secure mechanical room. The data room must have a system to support overhead delivery of data connections to the equipment cabinets.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Rack heat load must not exceed the cooling capacity of the location. If this unit will go to eWaste, all inventory removal and eWaste forms must be completed.

Server room standards pdf

Humidity and temperature must be maintained at a level that is compliant with the equipment installed on the data center floor. An electronic access control system should be in place and log all access to secure data center areas.

Must be located in secure area with proper ventilation as required. Visitor logs should be maintained for a minimum of one year or longer as specified by site security. Hot and cold aisles must be wide enough to insure adequate access to equipment and safe staff work space. Must be located to maximize ease of distribution to equipment.

Must be located in the data center to minimize power runs to desired equipment. Site Books will be developed for each site covering all tasks and responsibilities required to support that site.

Must remain clean and corrosion free. Power must be isolated from data cables. Must remain obstruction free for proper air flow.

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Over sizing to account for redundancy should a unit fail. Access must only be granted to essential personnel. Site support equipment needs will be reviewed yearly.

Internet Protocol is a term used to indicate a connection to the network. System must be able to retain log files of equipment performance and incident history.

Data Center and Server Room Standards

Each site will create an inventory of support equipment required for that site. Pipe loops must have valves in several locations that allow sections of the loop to be isolated without interruption to the rest of the loop. Each site will have a defined area for storage of site equipment. Response kits must be available to support staff equipment and tool needs for each site.

Each site change will require a review and update of all documentation. International Organization for Standardization. The asset management database must be used to create a removal list of all hardware, power, and connections related to the server s. Fiber must not exceed required length by more than one meter. All management and support software entries must be updated.

The size of the cooling load of the building lighting, power equipment, personnel, building envelope. Redundant switches must be plugged into separate power strips.

Policies and procedures must be developed to define areas of responsibility, interactions with vendors and other support teams, standard recovery methods, and problem documentation. Must have surge suppression sufficient to prevent large surges from damaging panels and equipment supported by panel.

These are usually satellite processing centers supporting a specific department and not the entire enterprise. Suppression systems must use chemicals that do not damage sensitive equipment. The cold aisle edge of the equipment enclosures must line up with the edge of the floor tiles. Policies and procedures will be stored in a central repository, which can be accessed remotely.

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Server room standards pdf

Must be located in a secure mechanical room. Must be maintained by a qualified technician to factory standards and be supportable by extended factory warranty.

Students who violate these University standards may be subject to proceedings for non-academic misconduct based on their student status. These standards will be regularly reviewed and updated based on new industry standards, new technology, alcatel one touch 282 manual pdf and lessons learned. The size of the cooling load of all equipment. Data collected or managed by the University to support University activities.

Server room standards pdfServer room standards pdf

Panel maps must be maintained to reflect their most current usage. Over sizing to account for appropriate future growth projections. These definitions apply to these terms as they are used in this document. Cables must be arraigned to minimize air flow disruptions. Recording must be done on a regular basis to ensure proper operation of the video security system.

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Media should be replaced on a regular schedule based on the manufacturer recommended filter lifespan. Program Logic Control is a computer-based control system used to manage main power distribution switching panels. Generator must be start tested and run for at least one hour once a month.

High Efficiency Particulate Air filters are used in vacuums cleaners in computer rooms to collect fine dust particles. Kits will be stored on site in a secure location. All controls must have automatic restart after power failure.