Raphael Js Tutorial Pdf

Rapha lJs Tutorial

On the other side, in bitmap based drawing we paint an array matrix of points with some color. For example, in the following example, we will transform a rectangle when the user clicks it, transporting and scaling it. Shapes store its current transformation in a matrix property. In the following example we ask the paper to create several shapes. The matrix property is a raphael datatype taht stores the current transformation matrix of a shape, and it will be described detailed in the next section.

Images We can also fill a shape using an image. You can use the fill attribute to set a color gradient for filling. Shape's also support a similar property that is discussed in the Section Shape. Each technology has its pros and cons.

In this section we will examine each of the shapes types supported by raphael like circles, rectangles, ellipses, paths, text, images, and more. Raphael has a much lower learning curve. This involves modifying raphael core classes prototypes like shapes, paper, set, specifications.pdf etc.

You can run the example alone here. The same we have done for shapes we can do for sets using the set protoype, the variable Raphael.

In Section Shapes we saw how to create shapes with a given paper and discuss each shape type individually. Raphael support a second way of making text very different than described in Section Text.

Raphael js tutorial pdf

Just click in the run button. This is where Raphael appears. Also, mouse events that imply heavy notification amount, like mousemove, won't be managed by eve. However in the code, you can see a few difference. As we can see we printed a text that will be aligned with a path.

The attribute value then will be an array of these three values. If you really need to show some text with a custom font use print instead.

As you can see we can use wildcards to express that we want all the elements on a category. Close the current subpath by drawing a straight line from the current point to current subpath's initial point.

In general, you will want to use print for titles and small texts that need to be pretty formated. Because the red rectangle was drawer later, it wil remain entirely visible. That is your two dimensional space, with X representing a horizontal coordinate, and Y, the vertical.

Possible types are classic, block, open, oval, diamond, none. Raphael is also popular, meaning that not only is it likely to be around for a long time, it also means that there is a ton of support available for free! This is no attribute, and with it we can indicate an easing transformation formulae for run that individual frame.

The following is an example about how to detect if the user is pressing some key like control or alt while he is moving or clicking the mouse. It can be filled with a solid color, a gradient with two or more colors, or with a tiled image.

An Intro to Rapha l

Note that, later, in all the examples code in this tutorial, for the sake of simplicity, we omit the paper creation and draw directly in a paper object. Many examples of this tutorial were taken from there. The sources of this tutorial are currently being mantained at Raphaeljs tutorial project page. Remember that when working with trigonometric functions like Math.

Raphael js tutorial pdf

So we just modified the paper prototype for adding a new kind of shape we call polygon. Vector graphics are a method for creating digital images using mathematical commands in a two or three-dimensional space. Reffer to that section for specific shape's details. If two points are used then it will return the angle between the straight line that pass through the points and the x-axis.

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This is possible with raphel and we will explain here in this section how. Notice that this won't work for sets because we haven't added the new method to Set prototype, but this is tribial - just replace the line Raphael. With jquery this can be accomplished with the focus method. Just click on the left circles for animate them using the corresponding Easing formulae. Some attributes like path, fill, transform are very flexible.

In eve, all events belong to a type, and each type of events are identified with a name. You can run almost all example code of this tutorial this way. The method animateWith serves us to link two or more animated shapes so they animate in synchrony.

Notice that in that example, we needed to call event. Once the Free Transform is installed on a shape, some auxiliar shapes called handles are attached to the shape and the user can make transformation by dragging these handles. The format is very simple in fact, a path is represented as an array of arrays. For example, we can trigger events programatically, or listen for an event only once.

Vector versus Bitmap Web Drawing TechnologiesRaphael js tutorial pdf

Creating a paper

One of the biggest appeals of developing for the front end, is that it is an excellent place for artists to show their work. Some calculation is required to redraw the path when the user is dragging.