Pump Operation And Maintenance Pdf

Folding spanner wrench Intake screen Fuel tank subassembly includes ref no. Connect the motor cable and the starter and monitoring equipment according to the separate instructions.

Seek medical attention, if required. Engine Carburetor and Power Head. Clean The Pump Let the pump run for a while in clean water, or flush it through the discharge connection. Make sure that the rotation of the impeller is correct.

Make sure that the impeller rotation is correct. Fasten the screws on the entrance flange so that the cable insertion assembly bottoms out. Exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide, an odorless, deadly poison. Can cause illness or death. Liquid heavier or more viscous Contact your Waukesha Cherry-Burrell than rating.

Failure to do so could result in death or serious injury. Check the oil level in the oil housing. This is an example of a sales denomination, and an explanation of its parts.

In order for the pump to perform at maximum capacity, the impeller must be adjusted regularly. When operating the pump, kommunikation im unternehmen pdf be sure to open at least one discharge valve slightly to prevent the pump from overheating. The pump and piping system should be thoroughly cleaned of any materials accumulated during installation.

Fuel line or fuel tank screen clogged. Settling pump-sump Discharge line requirements The discharge line can be run vertically or horizontally, but must be without sharp bends. Do not run the engine in an enclosed area. Use pliers, screwdriver, or similar.

Introduction Be sure pumping head is clean and free of foreign material before rotating shaft. Tighten the clamping screws.

Waterous Floto-pump IL1330 Operation & Maintenance Manual

The Ex Approval Plate The sales denomination consists of the four-digit sales code and two letters that indicate the hydraulic end and type of installation. Instructions subject to change without. Restriction in supply line may cause cavitation and pump damage. If the pump runs for a few minutes completely closed, it may heat the water enough to scald someone when the valve is opened.

Check that the impeller can rotate easily. Hold a rag over the oil plug to prevent oil from spraying out. Dimensions And Weights Technical Reference Dimensions and weights All measurements in the illustrations are in millimeters, if not otherwise specified.

You must observe the instructions for installation, operation, and maintenance contained in this manual. Important Information Waterous dealer, or call us at operation, maintenance and a list of repair to find out how you can get parts for your Floto-Pump. Operation and Maintenance Manual. Before operating the proper training and protective clothing. Adjust system to reduce air in system and sudden starts or stops in flow.

Engine Starter and Ignition. Air intake cover Muffler Lock washer, internal tooth, no. Tighten the nuts evenly all around. Do not install devices in supply line. Wash the skin with soap and water for at least one minute.

Waukesha 200 series Operation And Maintenance Manual

Compression Release Valve. Each Waukesha pump is shipped completely assembled, lubricated and ready for use. Check for material crystallization on seals. Disassemble pump and inspect for damage.

For more information, see Check the impeller rotation. Suction lift applications evacuate air from supply line lifting liquid into pump to begin pumping. Keep maintenance records to help pinpoint Soft-face hammer potential problems and causes. Hold throttle in fast position and crank engine or close carburetor main adjustment needle and crank until Flooded. Starting Pump Stopping Pump Start flow of filtered flush water recommended rate Shut off power to pump motor.

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Ex-approved Products Monitoring equipment For additional safety, use condition-monitoring devices. Related Manuals for Waukesha series No related manuals. Clean fuel line and screen. Instructions subject to change without notice. The pressurized discharge hose will hold the running Floto Pump out from shore, but a rope may be needed to prevent wind or current from swinging it back.


Make sure that any thermal contacts incorporated in the pump are properly connected to the terminal board. This alloy was developed specifically for corrosion resistance and close operating clearance requirements of high performance rotary positive displacement pumps. All non-English instructions are translations of the original instruction. Standard and High Pressure Models.


Failure to do so could result in physical injury, damage, or delays. Troubleshooting Replace worn or damaged parts. May result in serious burns. This is an example of a serial number, and an explanation of its parts.