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Well logging techniques have been developed to identify likely reservoirs and quantify their vertical extent. Influence of the skin effect Assume that the initial reservoir pressure of the well described in Appendix A is also the constant pressure of the outer boundary, Pe steady state. Solution The first step is to calculate the time required for stabilized flow. Reservoir engineering in its widest sense overlaps production engineering to a great degree. The perforating guns are loaded with shape charges, which consist of the case, the explosive, and the liner, as shown in Fig.

While the skin effect is dimensionless, the associated damage zone is not. The larger the vertical permeability, the higher the productivity index from the horizontal well will be.

Petroleum Production Systems (2nd Edition)

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If there is no slip between the oil and water phases, the liquid density is the volume fraction-weighted average of the oil and water densities. Figure shows the relevant variables.

Such a negative skin effect, or a negative contribution to the total skin effect, may be the result. Van Everdingen and Hurst quantified the condition of the near-wellbore region with the introduction of the concept of the skin effect. The formation volume factor relates the reservoir volume to the volume at standard conditions of any hydrocarbon mixture.

This pattern allows good perforation density with small phasing i. The average pressure in a reservoir is psi. Graph length versus production rate. This would ordinarily result in a higher production rate.

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Figure The petroleum production system, including the reservoir, underground well completion, the well, wellhead assembly, and surface facilities. Petroleum production systems I Michael J. Petroleum Production Systems, Second Edition, is the comprehensive source for clear and fundamental methods for about modern petroleum production engineering practice. In particular, measure theory and integration de barra pdf we thank those students in our recent production engineering courses who have suggested numerous improvements and corrections while using a draft of this text. Boyun Guo is well known for his contributions to the energy industry in multiphase flow in pipe systems and horizontal well engineering.


The readeris referred to Earlougher's monograph for a complete list of loA values. This can be done for transient, steady state, and pseudo-steady state. At late time, either drainage shapes will change, if they are artificially induced, or the average reservoir pressure will not decline unifonnly within the drainage areas because of. The bubble-point pressure is the important variable in characterizing a saturated oil.

Similar reasoning also implies the likelihood of uneven damage along a horizontal borehole. Gulf Professional Publishing. Depending on the initial and flowing pressures and the reservoir temperature, a diagram such as Fig. Obtain all other variables from Appendix A.

Thus stimulation can improve the productivity index. Formation damage is often caused by the dispersion of fine clay particles when the salinity of the interstitial water is reduced or the ionic composition is changed. In each case, what fraction of this pressure gradient is across the damage zone?

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For several years while teaching in academia or in the industry we have recognized a need for a comprehensive and relatively advanced. What are the relative contributions to the fl.

Figure Darcy's experiment. The drainage divide must be nonnal to the tieline between adjoining wells.

In both cases a longer exposure of the well with the reservoir is accomplished than would be the case for vertical wells. Figure is a schematic of a classic phase diagram, plotting pressure versus temperature and identifying the important variables. Figure is a graph of Pwt versus q for this example.

Relative permeabilities are laboratory-derived relationships, are functions of fluid saturations, and, although frequently misapplied, are functions of the specific reservoir rock. Phase-dependent skin effects are associated with phase changes because of the nearwellbore pressure gradient. The reader is referred to Schechter for a complete discussion of clay particle dispersion. These layers are usually considered impermeable. In developing a petroleum production engineering thinking process, it is first necessary to understand important parameters that control the performance and the character of the.

Equation is general and suggests a number of interesting conclusions. The intercept of the straight line is a, and the slope is b. This happens until a limiting value of the pressure, after which further pressure reduction reslllts in revaporization. Finally, the separated fluids are transported or stored.

It has also involved a number of our graduate assistants and support staff. The flowing bottomhole pressure, Pwf, is marked within the two-phase region. Therefore, the stabilized relationship implied by Eq. This would reduce the associated pressure drop from the near-wellbore turbulence. The gas gravity used is for the whole mixture.