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Tool Kit jack, Wheelbrace, Etc. Starting conditions are not fulfilled. Direction indicator lights Consult an approved dealer.

Do not use it for getting into or out of the vehicle. If you always fit genuine replacement parts to your vehicle, you will ensure that it performs well. The tyre For safety reasons, this op- or following a fast journey.

Engine identification plates. Fit the emergency spare wheel on the central hub and turn it to locate the mounting holes in the wheel and the hub. It is always maintenance-free.

If bolts are supplied with the emergency spare wheel, only use these bolts for the emergency spare wheel. Indicator Light When you lock the doors, the indicator The vehicle can only be unlocked from light remains lit and then goes out. It is therefore recommended to pacts.

If you fail to follow this recommendation, you risk damaging your vehicle. Depending on the vehicle, a system continuously checks the battery charge status. Examples of selections Interpreting the display selected Current current fuel consumption.

You should take a minimum number of maintain the exterior of the vehicle reg- precautions in order to safeguard your Use solvents not approved by our ularly. The coolant Engine cooling fan not working. Faulty electrical circuit. Changing Wheels Around tYreS continued changing wheels around use in winter This practice is not recommended. It is therefore recommended to e.

Examples of selections Interpreting the display selected e vehicle settings customisation menu. Page With the engine switched off, the trans- or r for vehicles with automatic trans- mission is no longer lubricated. Closing the bonnet Check that nothing has been left in the After carrying out any work engine compartment.

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Renault Laguna Handbook

Pull upwards, check that the vehicle is properly immobilised. Consult an approved point of resistance. Operating Faults The engine will not start. Enjoy driving your new vehicle.

Undo it then pull the light unit outwards. Replacement Parts And Repairs Replacement paRts and RepaiRs Original parts are based on strict specifications and are subject to highly-specialised tests. The bulbs are under pres- sure and can break when replaced. You must also ing position, then ask all occupants comply with the legislation of the par- to adjust their seat belts to ensure ticular country you are in. Open storage compartment A.

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Free the blades before using the wipers. Switch off your vehicle ignition.

For vehicles fitted with manual air conditioning, switch off the system when it is not required. Consult an approved dealer. Steering is made easier during parking manoeuvres for added comfort whilst the force needed to steer increases progressively as the speed rises for enhanced safety at high speeds. If you an- system ticipate an obstacle or bend in ad- The exhaust gas monitoring system will vance, 70-246 pdf you may then simply release detect any operating faults in the vehi- the accelerator pedal. Doors refer to the informa- They may pose a risk to themselves on the card.

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Renault Laguna Quick Manual

Engine Identification Plates engine identification plates Quote the information on the identi- fication plate or label A in all corre- spondence or when ordering parts. Examples of warning messages are given in the following pages. Enables certain vehicle functions to be set instrument panel language, parking press and hold distance control, etc. You can choose to activate or deacti- vate the function.

However, the function does not take the place of the driver. Press the top to deploy or store it. To refit it, proceed in reverse order to removal. Faulty electrical controls. It is therefore necessary, after unlocking the seatback, to tilt it by pull- ing from the top beyond the point of re- sistance, from the right-hand rear door side.

When this position is selected, the system detects water on the wind- screen and triggers the wipers at a suitable wiping speed. Contact your approved Dealer as soon as possible.