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This point will be discussed in more detail in later sections. All bodies having mass and elasticity are capable to vibrate. If changes in column length are negligible, both masses rotate by the same amount. Rectangular-pulse Load Consider first the case of a suddenly applied constant load with a limited duration td as shown in Fig. Note that, in the first time interval, Eq.

Example To illustrate the effect of damping the analysis of Sec. Linellr-acceleration Method An obvious refinement of the constant-velocity procedure is to assume a continuous function for acceleration rather than a step function Fig. Structures of this type are sometimes called shear buildings. For practical applications, Eq. One must proceed with caution, however, and it is always conservative to use the upper bound, or numerical sum, of the maximum modal responses.

Such forces are more likely to cause damage to the building or discomfort to persons within the building than is the mere occurrence of displacement. However, it is possible to obtain the relative values of all amplitudes, or in other words, the ratio of any two. Remember me on this computer. The only difference lies in the computation of the resistance R.

Introduction to Structural Dynamics

The building to be analyzed is the simple steel rigid frame shown in Fig. One set of coefficients would be computed by a simple moment-distribution sidesway solution as illustrated in Fig. The springs in a lumped-mass system may be arranged in different ways, depending upon the characteristics of the structure. In order for the numerical analysis to yield accurate results, the time interval should not be larger than one-tenth of the smaller natural period.

Our concern here being with a continuing state of vibration rather than with the first few cycles, it is reasonable to assume that the free vibration has been completely damped out. In general, it has been found that results sufficiently accurate for practical purposes can be obtained if the time interval is taken no larger than one-tenth of the natural period of the system. In the most general case of three-dimensional motion, six coordinates are required to define the position of each mass. Note that, in either case, the residual vibration would continue indefinitely in the absence of damping and that the periods are the same.

For example, consider the alternating step force shown in Fig. Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you. It should also be apparent from the above that the number of degrees of freedom is not necessarily equal to the number of lumped masses. It should be noted that the effect of damping on the first peak of response is not great.

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The parameters of the system and the load-time function are given in Fig. Hence an analysis based on the systems shown in Fig. The problem is to determine the next displacement, y. This or the reverse operation is sometimes a useful procedure. Determination of the response of the system therefore involves the simuUaneous solution of two equations.

For the simple one-degree system in Fig. To illustrate the above, consider again the two-degree system of Sec.

Numerous illustrative examples help engineers apply the techniques and methods to challenges they face in the real world. The virtual work done by the inertia forces during this process is i L. By inserting the numerical values of the parameters into Eq. Obviously, this is not a necessary condition, and solutions could be obtained for the combination of the two effects.

The next four sections deal with the determination of natural frequencies and characteristic shapes of normal modes. The breakdown is simple and to the point. The treatment is restricted to linear elastic systems, except in the case of Secs. The relative response to sinusoidal support motion Y.

For Yl at the first time station, Eq. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The multipliers given are also the ratios of the maximum dynamic spring force to the force which would have occurred had the external load been applied statically.


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Biggs, who not only typed the manuscript, but provided encouragement throughout the writing of this book. This statement follows from the fact that, if the response is elastic, the girder flexibilities are of secondary importance Sec. In other cases, the flexibility coefficients are more easily determined than are the stiffness coefficients.

Such a system is shown in Fig. The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format. As explained previously, a proper time interval for the numerical integration depends upon the natural period of the system.

Forced Vibmtion A generalized solution for the forced vibration of a damped system may be obtained in the same manner as was used for an undamped system in Sec. The neutral position for the axis of vibration may be computed as the maximum deflection minus the amplitude of the residual vibration. The characteristic shapes are also affected, but not radically changed. The next step is to select a time interval for the numerical integration, As mentioned above, this should not be greater than one-tenth of the natural period of the system. Cri is the damping coefficient, which applies to the ith velocity in the rth equation of motion.

Martin Williams presents this short, accessible introduction to the area of structural dynamics. These treatments are incomplete, but they are believed to be sufficiently thorough to provide a sound introduction to the subjects. Introduction to Structural Dynamics John M. The weights of the floors and walls are indicated and are assumed to include the structural weight. In the cases shown, the weight, or mass, the domestic violence act 2005 pdf of the idealized system is the same as that of the actual structure since the weight of the structural members is assumed to be negligible.

The maximum midspan deflection of the beam and the time of that deflection are obtained from Fig. An elasto-plaetic analysis of the frame in Fig. It is our purpose once again to determine the response of the system in terms of displacement versus time. However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study.

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This expression is plotted in Fig. Response of elasto-plastic one-degree structure to suddenly applied constant force. This textbook is a departure from the usual presentation in two important respects. This is an important conclusion.

For example, if the initial velocity is Yo and the initial displacement is y. The first step is to evaluate the equivalent peak load and mass for use in Eq. Solutions to many complex dynamic problems which were impossible in earlier times can now be obtained with relative ease.

Finally, it deals with linear and nonlinear response of structures subjected to earthquake ground motions and structural dynamics-related code provisions for assessing seismic response of structures. This text meets the need for an up-to-date treatment of structural dynamics and aeroelasticity for advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate aerospace engineering students.