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It gives slightly difference view than bipin chandra book. It covers about two hundred years of political and socio-economic turbulence.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Share this page on social media. Shruti Bhardwaj shrutibhardwaj ymail. Superb narrative, doesn't present a one-sided of any event.

And regions with long-standing resentments often spiraled out of the hands of Congress leaders and turned violent. Instead they were local led movements which, after they had reached some success, were led by the Congress. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. This enlarged version has been also termed as the second edition of this book.

Turning next to the colonial experience India under British rule, Mirza describes the long struggle for independence that ultimately led to the partition of India and the birth of Pakistan. Examples include the struggle for women's rights, struggles by untouchables, communal frictions etc.

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On the one hand, it converses with students of Indian history and on the other, it engages general and curious readers. India a comprehensive geography by Khullar.

An incredibly detailed and well-rounded work. Anyone with an interest in the historical factors that have shaped the current political issues confronting India and Pakistan will find this an intriguing and indispensable book.

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Neeraj Nachiketa Environment Book. Social Problems in India by Ram Ahuja. Purely for scholarship Phew! Bandyopadhyay, who teaches history at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, has covered, as the title suggests, the history of India from the coming of the British till they left.

The book recounts his confrontation with orthodox Hinduism and the ostracism he faced because of his secular and liberal Brahmo Samaj values. This book explores a wide range of issues connected with Bengali identity.

Otherwise the book is quite decent. Insightful, detailed, amazing. Bengal has long been one of the key centres of civilisation and culture in the Indian subcontinent. Few books on this crucial period of history have captured the rhythms of India s polyphonic nationalism as From Plassey to Partition. Unfortunately, he did not manage to do justice to it.

From Plassey to Partition is an eminently readable account of the emergence of India as a nation. It is divided in to nine thematic chapters which focus more on the Indian people than on the colonial rulers.

From what I understand the author added it for the second edition as people complained the book ended too abruptly at independence. Author presents view of many other historians from different strands of ideologies and hence even the reader can choose the most plausible point of view. What distinguishes it from other books is that the author Sekhar Bandyopadhyay is careful to treat modern Indian history as a site of intense contestation. This is the Hindi version of the most popular English textbook From Plassey to Partition and After published by Orient BlackSwan in which has also been termed as the second edition of this book. However, homemade supplement secrets free .pdf the best thing about this book was that it provided a variety plassey to partition by sekhar bandyopadhyay opinions by different scholars at every stage.

It gives elaborate explanation of their conflicts, cultural and social changes, their fight for freedom and the reception and adjustment to modernization brought in by the foreign rulers. The book is a scholarly achievement, a task made all the more difficult by the proximity of the period under study.


How do Pakistanis look at partition of the country and independence? Disliked the last chapter dealing with India's history after independence. Shekhar Bandyopadhyay is effectively able to combine information and viewpoints from various sources and authors, analyzing and combining them to form unique perspectives of his own. Emergence of Indian Nationalism. This book is the most genuine, pragmatic, non passionate historical analysis of modern Indian history.

Nonetheless I recommend this book for graduate level history studies as it gives students the right level of understanding of historical research and methods within the scope of Modern India. He also writes about how caste relations played a role in the success of Congress-led mass movements.

Download Free From Plassey to Partition. The section about the Rise of regional powers during the decline of the Mughal empire and the Ghandhi ji's journey through the independence movement carries a lot insight and depth. It will certainly add the dimension to thinking and help in understanding the contemporary India. Bengal are his other books.

From Plassey to Partition A History of Modern India

It covers about two hundred years of political and. Only costs rupees at flip kart. Author presents view o This book is the most genuine, pragmatic, non passionate historical analysis of modern Indian history. In this sweeping historical survey, Humayan Mirza traces the fortunes of his ancestors, the powerful rulers of Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa. Regions with more cross-caste mobilization, such as Awadh, tended to turn violent.

The regional powers of the eighteenth century. Each of the major events plassey to partition by sekhar bandyopadhyay been analysed well. Visit Our YouTube Channel. Sekhar Bandopadhyay has carefully analyzed various perspectives and given an objective understanding. Politics and culture are organically related in the city of Calcutta.

Neeraj Nachiketa Science and Technology. The language too is not filled with academic jargons, which makes an easy read for a non-academic as well.

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