Dating brodie helmets, dating m1 steel helmets

  • The cover was made from the same type of cloth the sand bags the held up the trench wall were made of.
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  • Some home front police helmets only have a batch number stamp and date mark, would need to see a photo of the.

Brodie helmet Republished // WIKI 2

Hello everyone, I am new here. Hessian cover being worn in the field Although a few American troops did manage to get a hold of covers by in large the A. Bossett Corporation - Utica - New York. Helmets such as this did not leave the factory this way. Languages Italiano Polski Edit links.

Brodie helmet

In several improvements were made a formed rim was added to the outer brim, and a new liner was utilezed, sternzeichen löwe mann flirten on the. The German Army called it the Salatschüssel salad bowl. The British also sought improved headgear in World War I to reduce shrapnel injuries to the head from air burst artillery. It is unknown what is any maker marks these companies used. They decided that it was not strong enough and too complex to be swiftly manufactured.

Aside from some newspaper articles, there is nothing to substantiate Bates's claim. There is no embossing on the crossed straps. The lining was also similar to that of the British Mk.

Welcome to the forum Willj. And which liner improvement was it where they thought asbestos made a great interior padding? Have a look at the liner, brandenburg an der havel see if there's a date and maker mark on it to help date the helmet.

Brodie helmet

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So some manufacturers started making the Non-Metal type that could be bought privately. This web, fitting tightly upon the wearer's head, evenly distributed the weight of the two-pound helmet, and in the same way distributed the force of any blow upon the helmet. It had a separate, folded rim, a two-part liner, and matt khaki paint finished with sand, sawdust, or crushed cork to give a dull, kennenlernen fulda non-reflective appearance.

Dating m1 steel helmets

By the summer of the first million helmets had been produced, and they were issued to all troops. Soldiers of most nations went into battle wearing cloth, felt, or leather headgear that offered no protection from modern weapons. Custodian Firefighter's Hard hat Riot protection Welding. The M helmet was very similar to the British Mk.

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The British Mark I Brodie & the U.S. P17 know the difference

Both helmet have a similar dome and similar skirt. Both were manufactured using a similar process. There were at least six British helmet manufactures and nine steel suppliers. The British did have an upgrade that was never adopted by the Americans.

They also have a similar liner and chinstrap. Bates - Webster - Massachusetts. Army placed additional orders for the M helmet.

Not seen this stamp mark before, could just be a steel supplier batch number stamp mark, not all manufacturers marked. No information on type of paint used. Helmet Clad Doughboys Receiving Decorations.

The lining, as mentioned above, consisted of cotton twine mesh surrounded by a circular piece of leather that held tubular pieces of rubber, and the mesh was covered by a piece of black oil cloth. Viceroy Manufacturing Co of Toronto. The dramatic increase in head wounds due to the proliferation of artillery and improved shrapnel munitions created a need for better head protection. Contact Us wwiirestorations yahoo.

So is there actually a difference? The list is on going if you know any more please let us know. Although to the untrained eye the helmets may look the same, it in the small details where the differences may be observed. It is hard to find such information.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Brodie helmets. Army used the basic Brodie-patterned M helmet until with some modifications, which included a totally new liner and canvas chin strap. It also has a rare carrying case for the Brodie which we have never seen before. Helmets and Headgear Search In. Helmets were procured from British supply until such point as the Americans could supply themselves with their own helmets.

This made it more resistant to projectiles but it offered less protection to the lower head and neck than other helmets. The series of number which follow the manufacture mark is a heating lot number used by the factory in the manufacturing process. Email Twitter Facebook Instagram. Hi Colin, partnersuche kostenlos app any idea what this maker is? German troops entered World War I wearing the Pickelhaube and they too quickly learned of the need for better ballistic head protection.

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In the case of the British Mark I there is typically a letter followed by a slash followed by another letter. While the paint was still wet it was dusted with a coat of saw dust. The liners were made by Dunlop Rubber Co Ltd. It was constructed in one piece that could be pressed from a single thick sheet of steel, giving it added strength and making it simple to manufacture. Known Heat Stamp Marks of M shells.

Dating brodie helmets

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Indicating that at some point the helmet was repainted in the field or by a supply depot. Manufacturing Co - Philadelphia - Pennsylvania. The American manufactures used an entirely different method to apply the paint to the helmets. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The wool pad in this helmet is on top of the black liner straps where the date usually is, your circular wool pad looks to be underneath the black liner straps.

Dating M1 Steel Helmets

At about the same time, the British War Office had seen a similar need for steel helmets. British paratroopers and airborne forces used the Helmet Steel Airborne Troop. When the helmets are viewed side by side it is easy to see why so many people confuse one for the other.

Other Steel Producers were. Helmets for use in N Africa were painted in a rough textured sand colour. At the same time the habit of painting the unit's formation patch onto the front or sides of the helmet began. The Belgian-produced helmet has no stainless steel parts.

  1. Camouflage was not uncommon.
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  3. Also riveted to the steel bowl was the helmet lining.
  4. Were fire brigade helmets only used during the war for obvious reason or were they used after as a form of early fire helmet?

Dating brodie helmets

To increase protective properties the helmets were painted in an olive drab shade. This article needs additional citations for verification. By holding a British shell in one hand and an American shell in the other the weight difference is obvious. The Brodie Helmet and its derivatives.

It seems to happen frequently. These men all wear wool felt hat more suitable for the American frontier then the trenches of France. Not all these suppliers stamped these marks on their steel but some have been found on steel helmets, if you find one on a helmet then it's a bonus. This list is on going if you know of any more please let us know. Like the French Adrian helmet, the Stahlhelm incorporated a suspension system of a metal band covered with leather padding and adjusted to fit with leather or fabric ties.

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