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This chapter will focus on how you can use leadership to develop your employees as individuals and as a team. This chapter examines the nature of groups and how they perform, then applies those observations to the task of team-building.

Relationship or maintenance behavior is directed toward maintaining the group as a unit by supporting, encouraging, relieving tension, actively listening, or seeking compromises. The lowest readiness level is that of being unable and unwilling or insecure. Materials, tools, and time needed to do the job are present. Are you able to learn what is needed to get the job done? By clearly defining expectations and providing specific feedback, the negative impact of this factor was weakened.

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The term to describe this type of action is maladaptive behavior, which is a form of socially unacceptable substitution. Then ask each employee to describe how willing and able he or she is to do each task, and compare the results. Are you receiving enough feedback from me regarding your performance? This chapter provides a way to analyze the many factors that can negatively affect performance.

Guidance from the former manager was limited at best, and feedback from their prospects has been nonexistent. An execise that I have done with a number of organizations is to ask managers to list the five most important tasks each of their employees must do to be successful.

Move back one style at a time as necessary. Figure depicts the forces working for and against closing the performance gap.

People operating at lower needs levels should be given tangible rewards such as money and gift certificates. Do you feel that this is a good place to work? The operations officer, who was also the navigator, visited me during this first watch, as did the executive officer. List the five to seven most important tasks activities needed to be done to be successful on the job, and then indicate your willingness and ability to do each task.

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The work environment is safe and organized. Many nonfinancial incentives were developed to encourage the appropriate activities necessary to be successful.

But what does this look like on the job? While there are advantages, group decision making has many potential problems as well. This needs level can be divided into esteem of others and selfesteem. Maladaptive behavior can take the form of lateness or absenteeism, but it can also be a factor in alcohol or drug abuse.

The next step is to communicate the performance gap to your formal and informal leaders and get feedback. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Document session in performance record. But some people may do things that are not socially acceptable to satisfy frustrated needs or to relieve tension. The better the formal and informal structures are aligned, the better the performance of the team.

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Substitution may take the form of directing energy both on and off the job to roles that provide recognition. Use the format outlined in Figure to analyze your workgroup. Performance coaching is the way to do this.

Before deciding on a solution to remedy a performance shortfall, you should do a systematic assessment of the possible causes. This was appropriate for my task-relevant readiness, in that I was unable, lacking knowledge of the armory and the alarm systems, but willing to learn. The main disadvantage of developing new employees is the time and energy it takes to develop these people. In some cases, one spouse enters into the relationship to fulfill different needs from those of the other spouse.

You will need to vary the amount of direction and support you give them, based on their ability and willingness to do the given tasks. The selling process has not been clearly defined.

Using the model will make you more effective as a manager, in that it illustrates the connection between your choice of leadership style and the readiness of your employees. The sales team is a mixed group. Assess understanding and commitment. Figure represents all of the possible leadership styles that occur as the amounts of task and relationship behavior are varied.

Employees indicated that they had problems with the work environment and conditions. Show them the Performance Analysis Worksheet, and ask them to identify and weight the driving and restraining forces. Figure will give you the structure you need to complete this exercise. The assessment phase is critical to the coaching process, in that the manager must prepare, assess, casio ctk-611 manual pdf and diagnose prior to intervening.