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Mom, dad, brother or sister Bonjour Fido! Look at the photographs and read the captions.

Look at the photograph on pp. On this special day, French people eat la galette des rois King s cake. Do you know the tradition of the King s day in France? Match up the French and the English questions in the grid below.

Ne mange pas encore, Paul. Elle prend un croquemonsieur. This week, we are working on the letter Mm, on healthy foods and feelings.

This day is also known as the Epiphanie Epiphany, lesson excel 2007 pdf from the Greek word which means manifestation. Fais des dessins sur la galette avec un couteau.

No, I do not have a pencil. Alors, je coupe la galette en huit parts.

Description du livre Blanche Epiphanie. Vous devez prendre Blanche Epiphanie.

It is then time to enjoy and clap for the king or the queen who finds the trinket. Annabelle Hautecontre, lelitteraire. National French Contest, F.

Qu'est ce que le Tiers Etat? Je suis, j ai Je confounds tout. What is the meter maid doing?

Ne mange pas encore, Marie. You will need to copy and cut up one set of playing cards for each group of four to six students. Il contient pages et disponible sur format E-Book, Hardcover. Ne mange pas encore, Juliette.

Match up the picture to the French word. Find out the letters from the missing words. Copy the captions from Le week-end dernier pp. Vous devez prendre Pourvu qu'elle soit rousse que votre liste de lecture ou vous serez regretter parce que vous ne l'avez pas lu encore dans votre vie.

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The family has a teenage son, Thierry, which you have. Practice finding letter m. Elle peut porter la couronne. Match up the French and English questions by writing the letters in the grid. Dear Parents, In French we have learned the names of certain classroom objects and several different prepositions.

Connais-tu la tradition de la galette des rois? Here you will learn about the cultural background for this French tradition. Use your vocabulary to help you.

French Edition Qu'est ce que le Tiers Etat? Lydia is talking about an event in a part of the French-speaking world.

This week, we are working on letter Tt, and on winter activities and celebrations. For each of the following sets of pictures you will hear a single sentence.

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This short play has been written by Wendy de Rusett, retired drama teacher. The aim of the game is for students. Quand elle est bien faite Avec du beurre dedans.

Regardez, j ai fait la couronne pour la reine. The same is true in French. Foundation Tier Centre No.

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