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You have to resist that one bite. Cucumber will allow the body to detox and to cleanse and to rebuild itself, and to normalize itself, and to hydrate itself without throwing it into an extreme healing crisis. So the body is going to demand more and more once you get it into the body.

Really just answering the call. The body is constantly dying, breaking down dead cells and renewing it constantly. So we gotta get back to earth. Excellent interview packed with so much wisdom. We gotta come back to the land.

So they need to be able to minimize the sugars. The foundation of living foods. You know, use and abuse will make the difference. So people are looking for fresh food.

All your grains, all your roots, and all your beans and your legumes. You all are truly inspirational and help keep us on our path to good health and well-being. The only way to maintain the raw food diet is not to have the just one bite of cooked food. Click the button to get your copy.

Because the people are demanding it. We are living in another world. If you go to the opposite end of the scale.

Whether its starches, or protein, or sugars we need to be careful with those three groups in a rich concentrated processed form. Atlanta is another one of my homes. All of the armies of medical systems that are out there, such as hospitals and doctors and pharmaceuticals companies and the world is getting sicker. Their system is going to come back into swing.

You know the world is on a disaster when it comes to our health. Such as a cucumber which is a sugarless fruit. What a blessing it was to read this, Keep it coming, God Bless. Tell me more about what you are doing.

Aris latham pdf

Dried fruits and things of that nature. Thou shalt not participate in the killing of any life form on this planet.

Thank you for this interview! Because in that group you not only have fruits, with minimal amounts of sugar in it. Atlanta is so green and the community spirit is so strong here in Atlanta, I love it.

Aris, and for taking time to speak to us. Well in the mean time they can follow me on Facebook, Aris Latham, or my page, Dr. Aris Latham and thats the best way to keep up with me right now. Well based on my experience my observation over these years, para 28 pdf what I see what people mostly get off of the heavy rich concentrated processed foods. Traveling the world sharing the Sunfired arts and science.

Black Vegetarian Aris LaTham

From self-sabotage to taking control. So things are looking bright. It like you could have cars from the same year.

Aris latham pdf

But it can not be renewed through dead digitalized food stuff. From tempted by all the wrong choices in their non-vegan world to making the right decisions. The mind being ready and the mind being capable of making that move is more important than just the physical desire of it.

But you know, you can go from one day to the next from eating cooked food to eating all raw food. So they can beam me where ever I am in the world. So we get rid of that monster then half the battle is won right there. So the whole growing period is the cooking process. And learning about live food struck a big chord with me and so I started applying myself to it.

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We wear it inside and we will be radiant as ever. Take your meals from boring to amazing so you can eat to live in the most taste fulfilling way. Looking forward to sharing more great black vegans from around the world.

And any time you cook food you destroy the enzymes of the food. They need to know how to make it enjoyable, how to make it interesting.

Aris latham pdf

But there is always this group of foods, the neutral foods. We need to activate, we need to germinate these things, so that the life force that they have to share with us is sharable. So there is a reciprocal relationship. You know humanity is waking up. Clinically I do nutritional medicine.

Aris latham pdf

From meal-time boredom to loving what they eat. So we have to heal humanity, the whole of humanity are Afrikans if we accept the fact that we are the original people we birthed them as well. What is your understanding? They end up going back to the cooked food. Being around other people who don't eat vegan.

Aris latham pdf

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No boring dishes allowed in my kitchen! You know the more doctors graduate, the sicker the world becomes. Our mind needs to be our best friend. We compromise our immune system.

But the whole thing is allowing the body to be detoxed. My stress and cravings are sabotaging my efforts. You know they need know how to work with it. And there are many other doctors out here who are doing it on the same level.

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They know there is something more to life than what is being sold to them in these packages. Discover your personal recipe for success and abundant health!