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In related diversification, this means that the business remains in the same industry in which it is familiar with. It offers you a simple and useful way to think about growth. Market development options include the pursuit of additional market segments or geographical regions. In unrelated diversification, there are usually no previous industry relations or market experiences.

Diversification is the most risky of the four growth strategies since it requires both product and market development and may be outside the core competencies of the firm. Business Explore Business Search Go. One can diversify from a food industry to a mechanical industry for instance. Because the firm is expanding into a new market, a market development strategy typically has more risk than a market penetration strategy.

Over a month ago moloibakang wrote. Finding This Article Useful? Using the Boston Matrix - The Boston Matrix was developed to help organizations allocate their investments across its product range and divisions. This beer had originally been made to be sold in countries that have a colder climate, but now it is also being sold in African countries.

However, for the right balance between risk and reward, a marketing strategy of diversification can be highly rewarding. You can do this by finding a new use for the product, or by adding new features or benefits to it. The discovery of oil and its development provided the drive to the local trade, which earlier mainly represented the entrepot trading activities of Dubai. In the free zones, enterprises are granted at least a year tax exemption guarantee regardless of the changes in the laws. It is used by marketers who have objectives for growth.

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In a growing market, simply maintaining market share will result in growth, and there may exist opportunities to increase market share if competitors reach capacity limits. Business Reference library.

The organisations I have selected are Tesco and Virgin Group. It is the most risky strategy among the others as it involves two unknowns, new products being created and the business does not know the development problems that may occur in the process. Product Development - the firms develops new products targeted to its existing market segments. Market Development - the firm seeks growth by targeting its existing products to new market segments.

Ansoff Matrix

Market Penetration - the firm seeks to achieve growth with existing products in their current market segments, aiming to increase its market share. Added to your Shopping Cart!

Reprinted by permission of Harvard Business Review. It is likely to have good information on competitors and on customer needs. Another way in which market penetration can be increased is by coming up with various initiatives that will encourage increased usage of the product.

It can help you weigh up the risks of your career decisions, and choose the best option as a result. There is related diversification and unrelated diversification.

Diversification - the firm grows by diversifying into new businesses by developing new products for new markets. For example, a cake manufacturer diversifies into a fresh juice manufacturer. Market development Market development is the name given to a growth strategy where the business seeks to sell its existing products into new markets. How does an organization grow? Download our free Corporate Ansoff Matrix Worksheet.

Market Penetration - the hotel pursue to attain growth. Increase your sales force's activities. Each of these growth options draws on both internal and external influences, investigations, and analysis that are then worked into alternative strategies. Boston Matrix Revision Quiz Revision quizzes. Research has shown that the toothbrush head influences the amount of toothpaste that one will use.

This will help you make the best choice for your organization. The currency is fully convertible and there are no taxes on the repatriation of capital or earnings. The business is focusing on markets and products it knows well. Further, there are no foreign exchange controls, quotas or trade barriers and import duties and tariffs are extremely low.

Ansoff Matrix Pdf

By considering ways to grow via existing products and new products, and in existing markets and new markets, there are four possible product-market combinations. Secondly, we will analyse Ryanair generic strategic comprehensively.

Ansoff MatrixAnsoff Matrix - Free eBook in PDF Format

This strategy assumes that the existing markets have been fully exploited thus the need to venture into new markets. Ansoff Matrix Explained Student videos. New geographical markets, new distribution channels, new product packaging, and different pricing policies.

Want to get a price estimate for your Essay? This would entail selling the products via e-commerce or mail order. This is so as it is targeting a new market and one may not quit tell how the out come may be. This diversification is in the same industry which is the food industry.

Strategy Definition History of Ansoff Matrix. Ansoff was primarily a mathematician with an expert insight into business management. The market options matrix is different from Ansoff matrix. The book goes into a lot of detail about the Ansoff's Matrix including how it fits into the strategy process, breakfast nook plans pdf how to use it and it's advantages and disadvantages. Market development is a more risky strategy than market penetration because of the targeting of new markets.

The model was invented by H. In this situation, it can leverage its strengths by developing a new product targeted to its existing customers.

There are two types of diversification. There are numerous options available, such as developing new products or opening up new markets, but how do you know which one will work best for your organization? Porter referred to these forces as the microenvironment, to contrast it with the more general term macro-environment.

By doing so, it can appeal more to the already existing market. Another example is the easy jet which has diversified into car rentals, gyms, fast foods and hotels.

Samsung Ansoff Matrix and Generic Strategies

Also known as the Product/Market Expansion Grid)

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The book also has some good examples which I haven't heard of before and which I plan to explore in my dissertation. Ansoff's Matrix Revision Presentation Study presentations.