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Narendra Modi, who is ever capable of turning an adversity into an opportunity made use of his inexperience to start afresh, on a clean slate without the burden of the past. Modi spent the ensuing two years travelling across Northern and North-eastern India, though few details of where he went have emerged. Modi's personal involvement in the events has continued to be debated.

The Modi government launched investigations by the Intelligence Bureau against numerous civil society organizations and foreign non-governmental organizations in the first year of the administration. Modi's relationship with Muslims continued to attract criticism. Sarbananda Sonowal incumbent. By possessing that book I feel that my husband is still with me even if he is far away.

Grand Collar of the State of Palestine. Journal of South Asian Studies. Biplab Kumar Deb incumbent.

Prospects For Peace in South Asia. Cambridge University Press.

Modi's administration has tried to raise foreign direct investment in the Indian economy, and reduced spending on healthcare and social welfare programmes. This apparently now helps him to get the publicity he desires.

Chief Ministers from the Bharatiya Janata Party. Global Journal of Human-Social Science. He tore away all the pictures of our marriage because he never wanted even a single photo to remain with me. He asked the national government to allow states to invoke tougher laws in the wake of the Mumbai train bombings.

Narendra Modi

Biography portal India portal politics portal. Immediately after the swearing in ceremony he swung into action. Several other companies followed the Tata's to Gujarat. Bolsonaro Putin Modi Xi Ramaphosa.

Babul Supriyo Rao Inderjit Singh. His wife was also killed and her body burnt without the remains being found. Devendra Fadnavis incumbent. Zakia Jaffri filed a protest petition in response. Those officials were simply, if recklessly, cooking up stories to whiten their boss black record.

About narendra modi in pdf

The New York Times Runway blog. He traveled extensively through out the world, which helped him to develop a global perspective. Primary Factors of Poverty in the Caribbean Region. Sohrabuddin, the man killed in the fake encounter was taken out of a bus along with his wife and butchered by the Gujarat police.

His policies during his second term have been credited with reducing corruption in the state. It performed particularly well in parts of the country that had recently experienced violence between Hindus and Muslims. Modi was elected to the legislative assembly soon after. Railways Manoj Sinha murli monohar joshi. Further military skirmishes followed, including cross-border shelling and the loss of an Indian aircraft.

He left his marital status blank on several election registration forms when he was chief minister of the state of Gujarat. Office of President of India. He acknowledged his wife for the first time when he filed his nomination for the general elections. The Naga insurgency in northeast India had begun in the s. Economy, Politics and Society.

Though he was a wandering type of Sangh Pracharak he had a wealth of national and international exposure with him. He was born in Vadnagar, a town in the northern Mehsana district of Gujarat. Women and Property in Urban India. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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Sadananda Gowda Jagadish Shettar. Ministers of State Independent Charge. The History of the World's Largest Democracy. Australian Journal of International Affairs. University of British Columbia Press.

This article is part of a series about. Questions about Modi's relationship with Muslims were also raised by many Western nations during his tenure as chief minister. This article is part of a series about Narendra Modi. For a chronological guide to this subject, rubber calendering process pdf see Timeline of the premiership of Narendra Modi. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Narendra Modi.

In his first year as prime minister, Modi reduced the amount of money spent by the central government on healthcare. The government described the measure as being taken for humanitarian reasons but it drew criticism from several Assamese organisations. Jasvantsinh Sumanbhai Bhabhor. Premiership of Narendra Modi. Prime minister of the Republic of India.

About narendra modi in pdf

India's nominal military spending increased steadily under Modi. National Democratic Alliance.

Arjun Ram Meghwal Santosh Gangwar. Within a year, he was elevated to the level of General Secretary of the Gujarat unit of the party. British Medical Journal Online. This was in keeping with the usual practice of the Hindu bigots to exploit the chariot procession to incite anti-Muslim pogroms.

Economic and Political Weekly. He was re-elected as the Chief Minister in riding on the wave of a campaign where he justified the fake encounter of a presuned Muslim gangster by his state police. Manohar Lal Khattar incumbent. What Justice for the Victims?

While it is claimed in the official biography that he is bachelor, a woman called Jashodaben has been referred to as his wife. The budget was viewed positively by private insurance providers. Modi only attended Hindu religious ceremonies, and had prominent associations with Hindu religious leaders.

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