The most popular pig in the whole year of 2018 must be Peggy. And in 2019, of course, it still sat on the “leading protagonist” seat. However, Peggy dolls and cartoon costumes are somewhat suspected of being “act young”. The color of pig pink, in other words, is Millennium Pink, is low, and it is neither too sweet nor fashionable.

Millennium Pink appeared in the spring and summer of 2019

Pink revolution
High-purity pink is easy to give people a sense of glamour, just like the sweet and greasy taste. For a long time, pink has always strengthened the old gender concept and femininity. But the millennial love of “millennium pink” is different from the traditional. This is a color that is neither squid warm powder nor rose cold powder, unlike traditional sweet and lovely Barbie doll pink and noisy bubble gum pink. From the perspective of the trend of the times, the millennium pink is more like a statement issued by the millennial generation to the world and becomes the representative color of the genderless revolution.

So, how can people take a good way to match the millennium pink in 2019? Then just look the measures below.
Pink suit and trousers are gentler
If people want to change the seriousness of suit, pink suit is a good choice. It is sweet but not dragged. Paired with jeans, it is both stylish and gentle. The millennium pink is blended with the black coat is unforgettable.

More tough pants can neutralize the sweetness of pink. Insert the top into the pants to show a high waistline. The simple mix can also be more fashionable than others.

Sweet pink sweater and skirt are more lovely
A millennium pink sweater can give people a better mood. The pink sweater with the elegant satin skirt is immediately separated from the black-pressed crowd, and the overall shape is just right. Pink sweaters can also be used as a set, adding warmth. The millennium pink sweater skirt is very suitable for spring, with small white shoes immediately have a fresh atmosphere. The most cannot resist the charm of the pink skirt, flat chest girl can get up.

The style with a cartoon pattern, whether it is with a skirt or pants, can become a fashionable focus. If the whole body is pink, you can use a black accessory to suppress the sweetness. Chanel bags have a lot of styles or color that can be paired with pink. Why not try them on.

Of course, the pink bag is not only the exclusive of cute girl but also the eye-catching weapon of cool girls. On the back, you are the most eye-catching and fashionable in this street. So, cute girls have to own a millennium pink 2019.

Chanel Gabrielle imitated pink bag