April 2019


The Must Have Fashion Items — 2019 Chanel Spring And Summer Latest Bag Recommended

Chanel, the indicator brand of the fashion industry, is no exception. Chanel 2019 spring and summer high-end ready-to-wear collection with the theme of “Chanel by the Sea”, a sunny summer handbag, reflecting the atmosphere of the beach under the blue sky.

1.Chanel Flap Bag
The bright color is still one of the key colors in the 2019 spring and summer vacation series. The yellow is very eye-catching on the camera bag, and the classic red classic French Flap bag is more elegant, and each one can be your first choice for the new season.

2.Boy Chanel
Every lady who buys Chanel for the first time will definitely start with the classic Boy Chanel, and the distinct diamond plaid is very popular. In the Early Spring Cruise series of 2019, Boy Chanel has undergone a major transformation, becoming smaller and lighter, suitable for women who like to carry small bags out of the street, as well as quite bright blue and Tiffany Blue.

3.Vanity Case
Vanity Case has an elegant appearance and a relatively large space. It has become a popular commodity in the past year. In the early spring of 2019, the Cruise series re-interpreted bags in red, white and blue, giving people a new feeling.

This season’s Minandiere Bag lifebuoy gave up the white and pink, replaced by more versatile red and white and black and white, the overall shape is cute and playful yet elegant. Because of its special appearance, no matter in any wear, it can definitely become the focus of the match. It is definitely a single item that must be started in 2019.

This year, there are many brands that use bags to make layers. Compared to the use of multiple layers of blouses, the bags are used in two different bags or the same series of bags. Chanel as a fashion leader, of course, this trend is also fully realized. In addition to using two chain belts and carrying two classic rhombic bags at the same time, the design of shopping rattan handbags with mini rhombic bags is also fascinating.

In fact, one of the most critical factors in choosing the right bag, matching your own style according to yourself conditions. Chanel bag always gives a romantic and sexy feeling. Women who want to master this style also need to improve their overall quality. Of course, before that, they can choose the Chanel knock-off bag to master their style, so that they can make the right choice for future matches. And Chanel knock-off bag is very popular in the replica market, sales have been very high, which also reflects the design of Chanel is very popular with women. Chanel knock-off bag is designed in a lot of styles, and interested friends can go online to search.

Fashion Elements That You Can’t Miss — Chanel Classic Flap Gradient Bag In 2019 SS Show Related Information

The Chanel gradient pack is coming again, Chanel’s 2019 spring and summer fashion show is the most attractive catwalk package. Does Chanel’s gradient coral powder bag fascinate you? What kinds of colors does the Chanel gradient pack have? How is the matching effect? I am here to give you an answer.

The color of the 2019 SS Show Chanel Flap gradient package
The brand has launched pink, bare pink, blue and orange, and is currently the most attractive Chanel bag for girls. This time, Chanel re-played the gradient in 2019 SS Show, and this bag has a wide cloth shoulder strap, which is also very chic and free. And many fans can not help but want to experience the first time, the effect of the back, it is very youthful and casual, and it can match clothes well.

The variety of ways of this Chanel Flap gradient package
It is portable for one-shoulder sloping and casual. The wide shoulder straps are full of a casual feel.

Chanel Flap gradient coral powder bag has definitely won the hearts of people. According to color research agency Pantone, they recently released the popular color of 2019: Coral Living Coral. Undoubtedly, it can be judged from the color that this is definitely a popular item of Chanel New Year. The Chanel Flap gradient chain bag of coral powder, the most popular fashionable wide shoulder strap, the hardware workmanship is as exquisite as ever, especially the details of the color-changing pink buckle in the middle of the chain is amazing. This cute chain bag is definitely 2019 everyone, which will be the focus bag.

The color-changing chain bag of coral powder, the recently popular fashionable wide shoulder strap, is really 360 degrees full of the sweet smell of spring! This kind of careless and inexpensive pink Chanel bag is really perfect, and the girl with ample wallet can’t miss it! However, girls who don’t have a lot of money shouldn’t be sad. I have surprises for you here. I found some imitated bag in the same style of this brand on the Internet, the materials and crafts are great. The friends who like it can appreciate it.

Chanel Flap chain leather imitated bag with different sizes: 22cm ( small ) and 26cm( large).

Chanel Flap chain leather pink gradient imitated bag just like girl blush.

Chanel Flap chain leather nude powder gradient imitated bag is especially feminine

Chanel Flap chain leather orange gradient imitated bag is very fresh and full of energy! The fine ball pattern is particularly beautiful, the hand feel is very soft, with gorgeous brass hardware, the chain handle does not forget to meticulously modify it, the middle section is a gradient color enamel. Chanel Flap chain leather blue gradient imitated bag is fresh and dynamic.

The Big Inventory Of Fashion Elements For 2019 Clothing And Accessories– Chanel Also Help You Make Up The Share

Looking at the fashion world, a pair of earrings are hung on the earlobe of each pretty woman. And the trend is all pointing to “big”. Today we take a closer look at some 2019 link fashions, detailing the fashion elements of this year’s clothing accessories.

In the package of thick clothes, the beautiful face seems to be dim. Put on a string of shiny big earrings. Let it be dotted between the hair, and let the face bright. Popularity is a current occurrence. So this beautiful spring, please wear a shiny long string of earrings under the guidance of fashion trends. After the winter, the spring is full of expectations. One or two earrings in full bloom are the highlights of the whole body, no need for other instructions.

Every woman who loves flowers is a romantic poet. The flamboyant red is full of excitement, and the flowers make the most dullest matching have a fascinating look. Echo or complementary ornament with the dress, in the instant that you hold up hair, break “hair” and give blossoming, which is so amazing and fresh. Red and green, yellow and blue each other, this is the most wonderful season of the color collision. A beautiful suit of too much color needs to be careful, but hang down on the ear, stealthy make public won’t make a mistake.

Lively embellishments require a simple mix. If it is a gorgeous embellishment, then you need to have a strong style. With colorful, silk implicates all senses. Today, it is still active in the fashion arena, interpreting elegance and romance in a more beautiful way.

In addition to these, what we can’t ignore is the choice of package color and style. After all, this is also one of the fashions of 2019. Of course, Chanel is the leading indicator of international brands, and the Chanel bag is also a dream package for many girls who want to start. This year’s Chanel 2019 spring and summer predecessor series uses the “Morlandi light fog blue” as the color for design, a series of bags with Morandi classical beauty, but also with the dream of Cinderella. Because there are so many cute bags, so in order to have more Chanel bag, in addition to trying to make money, Chanel replica package is also a good choice.

Chanel Gabrielle Morandi Light fog Blue knock-off bag

In addition to this Chanel Gabrielle Morandi light fog blue, the brand has other bags also have this color. So, let’s try them in this warm spring, there is always a style that suits you. The main thing is that the price is really exciting.

Chanel Morandi Light fog Blue knock-off Flap bag

Chanel Morandi Light fog Blue knock-off Boy Chanel bag

The Pastoral Style Out Of “High-end And Exquisite”, Chanel Helps It Raise The Fashion Level

Spring is really a good time to go out and play! Many friends have already changed into an idyllic dress to start a spring tour. Although close to nature is the greatest respect for good spring, they need Chanel to decorate their own fashion.

A floral skirt is a must-have for spring. It is very nice with a T-shirt, sweater and leather. The most important thing is that it is very covert. Don’t neglect the choice of accessories because of the rich color of the floral skirt. Adding Chanel Le Boy’s deep color will make it even more colorful. Although the idyllic girl does not pursue the brand, classic style is worth having. Of course, there is no need to buy genuine products, the same type of imitation goods can also meet the pursuit of the classic. So Chanel Le Boy imitated bag will be your best companion for a trip.

Background of Le Boy
Chanel Le Boy is a boy bag created by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel in 2011. Karl Lagerfeld thinks that Coco Chanel is as brave and true as a boy, so this handbag with a handsome, neutral and retro style is called “Le Boy”. Karl Lagerfeld’s design is free of old-fashioned feelings, and the brand’s classic Flap Bag is also used just right, everyone is crazy about this innovative design.

The plaid always gives a feeling of old-fashioned rusticity, so that it was not favored in the early days. However, in recent years, it has repeatedly appeared in the fashion week and finally broke through the sky and returned to the public. The solid color of the Chanel Le Boy imitated bag is undoubtedly the best choice, which can not only bring the pastoral style to the extreme but also add a little elegance.

French retro style polka dots are also a main element of the pastoral style, simple and casual, romantic and timeless, such fashionable items are naturally loved. The use of points and other lines to round the same elements of the lady is simple, but it can add a lot of points. When a fresh and colorful color and the maturity of the Chanel Le Boy imitated bag come together!

In fact, an ordinary white top can also take a small fresh route, the material of cotton and linen is hearty and comfortable. The embroidery is blessed with the skeleton, and the romantic atmosphere of spring is naturally coming out. With the simple style of Chanel Le Boy imitated bag, you can create a sense of quality. Its metal chain can play its biggest role here, bringing more freshness to travel.

On sunny days, don’t take good springs, hurry up and choose equipment, take Chanel Le Boy imitated bag and spring to talk about love!

Peppa Pig–The Beautiful And Fashionable Color In 2019 Turned Out To Be Millennium Pink

The most popular pig in the whole year of 2018 must be Peggy. And in 2019, of course, it still sat on the “leading protagonist” seat. However, Peggy dolls and cartoon costumes are somewhat suspected of being “act young”. The color of pig pink, in other words, is Millennium Pink, is low, and it is neither too sweet nor fashionable.

Millennium Pink appeared in the spring and summer of 2019

Pink revolution
High-purity pink is easy to give people a sense of glamour, just like the sweet and greasy taste. For a long time, pink has always strengthened the old gender concept and femininity. But the millennial love of “millennium pink” is different from the traditional. This is a color that is neither squid warm powder nor rose cold powder, unlike traditional sweet and lovely Barbie doll pink and noisy bubble gum pink. From the perspective of the trend of the times, the millennium pink is more like a statement issued by the millennial generation to the world and becomes the representative color of the genderless revolution.

So, how can people take a good way to match the millennium pink in 2019? Then just look the measures below.
Pink suit and trousers are gentler
If people want to change the seriousness of suit, pink suit is a good choice. It is sweet but not dragged. Paired with jeans, it is both stylish and gentle. The millennium pink is blended with the black coat is unforgettable.

More tough pants can neutralize the sweetness of pink. Insert the top into the pants to show a high waistline. The simple mix can also be more fashionable than others.

Sweet pink sweater and skirt are more lovely
A millennium pink sweater can give people a better mood. The pink sweater with the elegant satin skirt is immediately separated from the black-pressed crowd, and the overall shape is just right. Pink sweaters can also be used as a set, adding warmth. The millennium pink sweater skirt is very suitable for spring, with small white shoes immediately have a fresh atmosphere. The most cannot resist the charm of the pink skirt, flat chest girl can get up.

The style with a cartoon pattern, whether it is with a skirt or pants, can become a fashionable focus. If the whole body is pink, you can use a black accessory to suppress the sweetness. Chanel bags have a lot of styles or color that can be paired with pink. Why not try them on.

Of course, the pink bag is not only the exclusive of cute girl but also the eye-catching weapon of cool girls. On the back, you are the most eye-catching and fashionable in this street. So, cute girls have to own a millennium pink 2019.

Chanel Gabrielle imitated pink bag